5/20 PO Class meet on Basketball court


Start The Day The Whole Foods Way!

On day two of the Sandy Storm I rose early to check the roads and assess driving conditions. The plan was to make sure our exercisers could easily travel to our alternate location for a 7:00 am class.

When we were stopped on Washington Blvd. by a huge downed tree, then again on 15th street by a power line, the decision was made for me— no BbG classes today.

So instead of my usual rushing from place to place with my stainless steel container holding warmed oats and apples, I found myself looking around the kitchen for an alternate breakfast idea. I do love my oatmeal but change is good too!

One of the other things I eat for breakfast on a regular basis is eggs because they are a whole food, aren’t made in a factory, have only one ingredient and are a good source of protein. I had eggs on hand, now I just needed some veggies to make a complete meal.

I got to work chopping what I had: one half red onion, one-quarter white onion, 4 mushrooms, a yellow pepper, a small red pepper (last one from our garden), about 5 rounds of zucchini and a handful of cherry tomatoes (but use whatever you have). Here’s what I did:

Heat about a tablespoon of coconut oil (it’s good for the brain!) in a large skillet. Add all the vegetables, sprinkle with desired amount of garlic salt and cook over medium high heat until soft, about 5 minutes.

In the meantime, crack 4-5 eggs into a bowl and whisk together thoroughly. When vegetables are soft flatten them with a wooden spoon or spatula, pushing the sides down until they’re evenly distributed and form sort of a crust in the pan. Turn on your broiler. Pour the eggs evenly over the vegetables in the skillet then sprinkle lightly with sea salt and ground pepper. Heat until mixture sets, about 3-4 minutes.

Place entire pan under broiler and heat until top of mixture is set, about 2 minutes but watch carefully!

Remove skillet from oven and let sit for a minute or so. Carefully cut your frittata into four pie-shaped sections. Serve with salsa, fruit or whole grain toast….and have a great day!

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