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Green Creations- Part 1

I love mixing lots of different flavors together. Once I discovered cumin there was no turning back for me! It tastes good with just about everything. The other day I was preparing quinoa which, to me, tastes just o.k. but it’s an excellent source of protein so I eat it often. I usually cook the quinoa in broth to add some flavor. This time I also added cumin, cinnamon, sea salt and pepper. (A teaspoon or two of maple syrup is delicious too but since we’re fasting from sugar this week I left that out).  I always make extra so I’ll have some for leftovers.

For lunch yesterday I covered my plate with lots of leafy greens. Then I sliced up a crisp, juicy apple and thin red onion. I reheated the quinoa (that we’d had for dinner a few days before) and placed it over the greens. Next I artfully arranged the apple slices and pretty red onion. I’m addicted to avocado so no salad is complete for me without at least a few chunks, plus we need healthy fats in our diet. Once I lightly drizzled on my own home-made balsamic vinaigrette I was ready to dig in…..after I took the photo, of course. Sweet and salty with a bit of spice. Delicious!  Hope you enjoy this beautifully healthy lunch.



Savory Quinoa Apple Salad

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